smart textiles at the berlin fashion week.

THE BERLIN METAVERSE - yoonaverse - 17.01.2023

on january 17th 2023 we were invited to an event as part of the fashion week in berlin. in addition to a great workshop together with h&m beyond on problems and solutions in the current textile process and supply chain, there wer several interesting presentations on the topic of web 3.0. the following day, we had the opportunity to give a presentation on the opportunities and influence of smart textiles in the world of fashion.

dresden smart textiles hub rethinks technical textiles. has published an article about us and the support we receive from the Saxony Economic Development Corporation. read more

developing technical textiles in a new way.

in week 2, we were featured in an article on the textile network website. this was one of the top articles of the week. read more

(smart) textile development re-thought.

Within the 4th issue 2022 of masche, the magazine of the german mesh industry association, we are represented with an article. you can get an insight on page 26. read more