at the smart textiles hub, we take pride in offering you a comprehensive development process that spans from the initial spark of an idea to full-scale production. together with our sister company, born gmbh, we represent an all-encompassing competence center in the dynamic world of smart & technical textiles.

leaders in innovation.

our expertise is unparalleled, and our commitment to innovation knows no bounds. we specialize in a range of industries, with a primary focus on:

  • Medicine
    revolutionizing healthcare and rehabilitation through smart & technical textiles that enhance patient comfort & monitoring as well as supporting the process of healing.
  • sports & fitness
    elevating athletic performance and well-being with cutting-edge textile solutions.
  • personal protective equipment & occupational safety
    ensuring safety in the workplace through textile technologies.
  • lifestyle
    integrating smart textiles seamlessly into everyday life for convenience and style.

exploring new frontiers.

but that’s not all. we’re constantly pushing boundaries and exploring new horizons. our innovative solutions are also finding applications in:

  • automotive & gaming sectors
    transforming the driving experience & gaming immersion with smart textiles.
  • aerospace
    pioneering the use of advanced textiles in aerospace f. e. to support astronauts with their daily workout by improving its results.
  • house & home textiles
    ehancing comfort and convenience in your living spaces with innovative textile solutions.


together from idea to concept

do you have a brilliant idea that’s ready to take shape? at the smart textiles hub, we’re thrilled to meet you and turn your vision into realitiy. with our extensive development expertise, we’re here to guide you through every step of the process.

designing your vision.

together, we’ll craft a design concept that not only aligns with your vision but also seamlessly integrates with our cutting-edge technologies. we believe that thinking about production should start right in the design phase, ensuring efficiency and precision.

the power of technology.

our team leverages the latest software tools, allowing us to take your concept from its initial spark to the final design. from the initial idea to pattern construction, our tools work in harmony, facilitating a smooth tranisition to the prototyping phase.

flexible prototyping.

we understand the importance of flexibility in design. that’s why we ensure that the prototyping phase is not just a standalone step but an integrated part of the process. this approach enables us to adapt and refine your concept as needed, making it as flexible as possible.

flat knitting.

maximising pattern & structure diversity

at the smart textiles hub, we’ve harnessed the power of flat knitting technology to redefine textile production. our innovative approach offers a multitude of advantages, particularly in the wearables & technical textiles industries.

unleashing creativity.

flat knitting technology empowers us with unprecedented freedom in textile manufacturing. unlike other methods, it allows us to explore new dimensions in design and functionality. our state-of-the-art flat knitting machines ar the heart of our operation, enabling us to create:

  • intricate textile patterns
  • precisely shaped parts
  • spacer structures
  • 3d-knitted fabrics
  • knit&wear parts

seamless integration of smart functions.

with the precision of needle-exact material insertion, we seamlessly integrate smart & technical functions into our knits. this means your smart & technical textiles are not only stylish and comfortable but also highly functional.

rapid iteration for innovation.

our short changeover times are a testament to our commitment to innovation. they allow us to run parallel product development processes and make quick adjustments during the patterning phae. this agility ensures that we stay on the cutting edge of textile technology.

close to production development.

one of our key advantages is our ability to develop close to production. this streamlined apporach simplifies the transition to series production at our sister company, born gmbh, once the development phase is successfully completed. it’s a seamless journey from concept to creation.

ready-made technology

elevating ready-made technologies with precision & innvation

at the smart textiles hub, we understand that the journey from concept to finished prouct involves essential manufacturing steps. Whether you’re crafting samples, prototypes, or final products, these steps are vital. that’s where our expertise in knitting technology comes into play, revolutionizing the entire process.

efficiency through knitting technology.

our commitment to innovation means we can significantly reduce both time and handling effort. With knitting technology, we have the ability to produce textiles that closely match the final contour, saving you valuable recources and time in the production cycle.

unleashing functional textiles.

but we don’t stop at just knitting. we go beyond to enhance the funtionality of textiles by seamlessly integrating sensors & actuators. imagine textiles that com alive with smart features. one prome example is the application of electrodes using advanced thermal presses. these textiles find their purpose in groundbreaking applications such as:

  • electrical muscle stimulation
  • electrical impedance tomography
  • electrocardiography
  • electroencephalography

hardware development.

smart textiles contain more than just fabrics

in the realm of smart & technical textiles, innovation often goes hand in hand with hardware development. beyond electronic design, we frequently require specialized enclosures and structures to seamlessly integrate the desired functionalities into textiles. this is where our expertise shines.

mastering electronic integration.

our journey into smart & technical textiles extends beyond the fabric. we delve into the world of hardware development to ensure that your textiles can deliver on their potential. this includes intricate electronic designs to power your textiles‘ smart features.

crafting specialized enclosures.

but that’s not all. achieving the desired functionalitites often demands unique enclosures and specialized constructions. these are essential to bring your textile innovations to life. our team excels in designing and producing these bespoke enclosures and structures, ensuring a perfect marriage between technology and textiles.

the power of additive manufacturing.

in our quest of perfection, we rely on additive manufacturing methods that are ideally suited for the creation of samples and prototypes. these cutting-edge techniques allow us to bring your ideas to life with precision and efficiency.